Serving Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, Portland, Sandy, Boring, Clackamas, Damascus, Wood Village and the entire Portland East Metro Area


Our Family:  
Wife- Dar,  Zoe 11, Jon Henry 9, Gracie Lee 2!

15 years and 600 transactions over 5 metro counties.  Purchased and managed over 30 properties.

Our hobbies:
Coaching soccer, cross fit workouts, golf, martial arts, traveling, hanging out with our kids & watching our favorite football teams!

Our Story:

My wife Dar and I grew up in the state of Iowa.  We fell in love at the University of Iowa where I was studying towards a master’s degree in family counseling.  I began working as a family counselor and Darlene, who was fluent in sign language, began working as a sign-language interpreter for the deaf.  As a hobby, we started investing in real estate.  We would buy properties in need of care to fix them up for resale.

In 1993 Darlene & I traveled to Portland to interview for a PH.D program at Pacific University.  Dar and I were blown away with Oregon & decided to move to the Portland area.  Here we continued our careers in counseling and interpreting.  We began to invest more and more in rental properties and soon discovered we were far more passionate about real estate than our current jobs.  For that reason we both became Brokers and changed our careers to pursue real estate full-time.

Since then we have never looked back.  Darlene & I loved working as Realty Brokers.  The skills I learned as a family counselor allowed me to truly understand my real estate client’s emotions as they worked through the buying or selling process.  The skills I gained as an investor helped me master the real estate market and especially how to help my clients systematically sell their home for the most money possible.  By the end of our first year as brokers we had sold over 35 homes and were in the top 10% of all Realtors in the nation.  Since then we have continued to expand our business knowledge and experience.

8 years ago Darlene branched off into mortgage lending and obtained her lending license.  Since then she has closed hundreds of mortgages for purchase and refi.  As a married real estate team we offer a seamless and integrated service to our buyer clients.  From the approval process to the closing we work together to make every step of the process fun and easy.  Our focus is not a one-time large commission.  Instead our goal is to deliver the kind of extraordinary service and results that will make you  a satisfied client for life!

There really is a difference among brokers.  Let us show you how we do business.  If you or anyone you know is in the market to buy or sell real estate give us a call. We promise to treat your friends like family and to make you look great for referring us.   Best of all we Guarantee your sales price, your sales time and your satisfaction.

We look forward to meeting you. Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

Greg & Dar Walczyk